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The Valentine Lab includes graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, technicians and undergraduate researchers, representing a diversity of social and academic backgrounds. Please contact Professor Valentine if you are interested to join the lab. Graduate students in the lab typically apply through either the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science (link) or the Earth Science graduate program (link). Undergraduate researchers are welcomed.

Our Interests

We in the Valentine Lab share a common interest in microbial processes. Through our research efforts we seek to understand what microbes do in their natural environments, how they do it, and how we might use them for a better tomorrow.


Our approach to research is to allow ourselves to be driven by interesting scientific questions, independent of any model system. As a result, we work with organisms from all life’s domains, with different elements and chemical compounds, and in different biomes around the world. We develop our scientific questions and then find the route to answer those questions, often conceiving new tools and techniques along the way.

Where We Work

Being as we are located directly on the Pacific Ocean, many, but not all, of our projects are marine oriented.

Our Toolkit

We apply a range of microbial, chemical, exploration and informatics tools specific to the question we are working to answer. Typically, each member of the lab develops a unique skill set as their research project progresses.


David Valentine