Capitol building
Credit: Valentine Lab

Academic scientists play several key roles in the development of policy. First, policy should be informed by the best science available, and in the Valentine Lab we conduct many studies that directly inform policy.  For example, our work on heavy oils and chemical dispersants have been used by the National Academy of Sciences in making policy recommendations.   Second, citizens and stakeholders should be given the scientific information that underlies policy, and we in the Valentine Lab we prioritize the translation of science to common language that can be understood by non specialists.  We achieve this through engagement with all forms of media, press releases, presentations and in any other venue we encounter.  Third, policy makers benefit from scientific advising and we in the Valentine Lab engage directly with elected officials, government agencies and non-governmental organizations in order to inform policy decisions.  Engagement in the policy process is evidenced by Professor Valentine's appointment as an Aldo Leopold Leadership Fellow, an American Chemical Society Expert, to two study panels of the National Academy of Sciences, and in hundreds of media engagements.